A recent viral article by The Washington Post tried to paint Brooke’s story as a cautionary tale of a mother forced to carry twins thanks to the Texas Heartbeat Act though her story is truly pro-life at its core. Brooke indeed found herself at a pregnancy center just 48 hours before the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect last September and at just 18 years old she was unsure about the pregnancy at first. In fact, she was leaning toward abortion and could have traveled to New Mexico to go down that path if she had really wanted to. Instead, after seeing the twins on the ultrasound, finding out how far along she was and the risks of abortion at the pregnancy resource center, she chose life. 

She and the babies’ father, Billy, decided to get married. Although they didn’t know what the future held or how they would do it, they decided to fight for their family. Brooke put her real estate dreams on hold and Billy signed up to join the Air Force for the promising pay. In the meantime, they’re raising the babies in Billy’s bedroom. 

But despite the difficult beginnings, Brooke wouldn’t trade her babies for the world. “It’s really scary thinking that I wouldn’t have them,” Brooke told The Washington Post of her twin girls named Kendall and Olivia. 

Upon reading Brooke’s story we knew we had to help bless this family with a hand up! Our Human Defense Initiative Helpline team quickly found and connected with Brooke, offering to host a baby registry on their behalf. The biggest needs are cribs, crib mattresses, and sheets, high chairs, diapers, clothes, and feeding supplies. She also asked for car seat coolers and fans because it’s so excruciatingly hot in Texas right now. 

As with all of our registries, all items purchased ship directly to Brooke, and group gifting is enabled on all of the more expensive items so any amount can be contributed toward those supplies. 

Thank you for helping bless this young family! 


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Photo provided by Brooke

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