Bristol Palin is no stranger to making controversial political headlines. In fact, she was a pregnant teen who entered the spotlight when her mother, Sarah Palin, ran for vice president in the 2008 election and has been open about the backlash she has received due to her pregnancy and coming from a conservative family. Now she is one of the stars of the MTV show Teen Mom OG and making her stance on abortion even more known.

Last night, Palin took to Instagram’s Ask Me A Question feature to give fans the opportunity to ask her interesting questions via her Instagram Story. While she was asked about a variety of things including fashion, her kids, and mother, the question which seemed to garner the most attention was when a fan asked her opinion on abortion, to which Palin responded she is 100% pro-life.

Another fan, seemingly alarmed by her stance, re-questioned and asked if Palin didn’t believe women should have a chance to “choose.” A question to which Palin took the opportunity to rip apart the argument abortion is empowering, explaining it should be empowering for young moms to raise their children regardless of circumstance.

She then left her fans with the following message to conclude:

We could not applaud Palin more for using her platform to speak the truth about the preborn. Like she stated, abortion is a black-and-white issue which should not even be politicized. Life should matter to all political parties and everyone should be working together to ensure everyone has a right to life. We need more people like Palin to speak up on that matter.

As for the fans who are surprised she is pro-life, she kept her son even when she became pregnant at 17 years old, is an outspoken conservative, and even has an amazing little brother with Down Syndrome. If her family doesn’t scream pro-life, we don’t know what does. They definitely both talk the talk and walk the walk.

Thank you, Bristol, for continuing to be a champion for life!

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