New Mom in Need After COVID-19 Layoffs

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Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce our latest fundraiser for a new mother in need!

Mama K's family has lost their income due to COVID-19 layoffs and really needs our support while they wait on unemployment.

Their nine month old baby drinks formula and eats "big people" food and one of the main concerns they face is help with groceries. The baby is also in need of larger bottles. Additionally, we have added a few household necessities so they can put whatever money they can come up with toward their bills.

Here at Human Defense Initiative we believe in helping families in their time of need! Due to COVID-19, we understand many families are struggling so we ask that you join us in lending Mama K a helping hand. Let’s show Mama K and her family some love and support during this tough time.

UPDATE: This registry is now complete thanks to our wonderful donors! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to or shared Mama K's registry! Please click HERE for future fundraisers!

New Mom in Need After COVID-19 Layoffs
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