Babies born alive after a failed abortion attempt happens far more than you would like to think it would, according to the Family Research Council’s study on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors.

In this shocking occurrence you may imagine  a crying baby in a clinic room filled with horrified faces yelling, “Call 911, they need urgent medical care right now!” Sadly, it is the opposite in our Nation.

On January 22, 2019, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act which strips away several protections for the preborn, but also specifically prevents legal protection from being given to infants who survive abortion procedures in the State of New York.

The passing of this law caused many to celebrate as they see this as further protecting women’s rights. They ignore the fact that two people are involved in pregnancy and simply assume the preborn child does not have any rights.

According to Born Alive Abortion Survivors by Family Research Council, the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, was an open supporter of a similar bill which was being considered in the Virginia legislature. His advocation and admission of what would happen to a child after surviving an abortion attempt, especially shocking since he was a former pediatrician, sent shockwaves throughout the country. In response, many states and even Congress have put forward legislation to protect infants who survive failed abortions. Unfortunately, Democratic politicians have prevented attempts in Congress and in state legislatures from passing born-alive protections. At the federal level, Congress is yet to have a vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which requires urgent medical care to be given to babies born alive after failed abortion attempts.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has rejected bringing this bill up for a vote in the House over 80 times now!

This is a disturbing time in America. Babies should be welcomed with love and warmth and should be protected. With discussions taking place about whether or not a newborn baby is going to live, it is clear America’s moral compass has been severely damaged.

The Human Defense Initiative has partnered with the Family Research Council in a campaign to End Birth Day Abortion and you can show your support for life of all babies born alive by sending a baby hat to congress!

When a child is first born, after being wrapped in a warm blanket, the first article of clothing they are given is a thermal hat with blue or pink stripes. Instead of this nurturing act of love being available for every born baby, laws are in place allowing some babies to be killed outside of the womb.

Congress can help change these laws, so let’s send them a message!

For every donation of $9, the Family Research Council will deliver one baby hat on your behalf to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Join Americans across the nation in sending a powerful reminder that all babies should be welcomed with warmth.

Also, we want to remind you to pray. When you donate, you will receive an “End Birth Day Abortion” certificate as a reminder to pray for babies who survive abortion and are facing certain death Pray for the US Congress to lead with moral obligation and take action quickly to protect and respect human life.

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