America inaugurated a new, pro-abortion president into office. After 4 years of pro-life President Donald Trump, Biden could be a drastic turn for the worst for the pro-life movement.

Since running, Joe Biden has come out publicly about the Trump Administration pro-life policies he plans to “roll back” or “undo” when in office. Biden has expressed plans to reverse the Trump Administration’s ban on global health aid which provides or promotes abortions, known as the Mexico City Policy, which was originally passed by Ronald Reagan in 1984 and rescinded and re-enacted through a number of other presidencies. Biden said he would fight to end the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of federal funds to go to abortion, except to save the life of the mother or an instance of rape or incest.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden called abortion “essential health care that cannot be delayed” and includes abortion expansion and funding federally in his potential health care plan, which means American citizens and taxpayers will be required to fund it. He and his Vice President running mate Kamala Harris both opposed a religious exemption from the Obama Administration’s health care contraception mandate. This is especially concerning as Biden and Harris consider themselves “people of faith” and Biden specifically identifies as Catholic.

The contraception mandate was brought into light when a Catholic nun charity organization, Little Sisters of the Poor, was granted an exemption to the mandatory contraception by the Supreme Court.

Biden is being celebrated as the second Catholic to potentially be president; however, his strong support for abortion without limitations and the contraception health care mandate contradicts the Catholic Church’s teaching and has caused confusion among other Catholics. Many Catholic leaders demand for him to be held accountable. This new Biden presidency threatens the right to life in America.

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