At HDI, we often highlight pro-life creators, artists and artisans, and products. We don’t just do this to bring ourselves money (usually highlighting others does not benefit us monetarily at all), but because we want to support the pro-life movement and cause. Money talks, and where we spend our money can reflect what we value as individuals and a society. 

Caroline lives in Norway and started making her own pro-life bracelets when she noticed she could not find any to buy. Then she thought, “there might be someone else who wants to display their support of the pre born.” In October 2023, she started making pro-life beaded bracelets for others to buy, with a twist — she donates all proceeds to different pro-life organizations! Her shop is called Bede for Life, with the term “bede” chosen for its Middle English definition of “prayer.”

Her hope is that wearing your support for preborn humans “spike thoughts, start conversations, and make an impact on others.” She creates bracelets for both men and women. You can find something intricate, bold, detailed, delicate, or simple in her bracelet and earring patterns. She makes bracelets with morse code for Bible verses if requested, and the bracelets can also come with a “Precious Feet” charm. This is the internationally recognized charm that accurately depicts the size of a human fetus’s feet at 10 weeks’ gestation. 

Caroline, via Bede for Life, has partnered with several pro-life organizations and people so far. In 2023, even launching so late in the year, she was able to raise funds for Let Them Live, Live Action, Students for Life, Infinite Worth/Heritage House and Livets (a European organization).

For May, Bede for Life has partnered with HDI! Any time you visit Bede for Life and buy a bracelet, Caroline will donate the proceeds to us. Check out her Instagram and DM her to order a handmade bracelet. You get to wear or gift a lovely pro-life product and support more than one pro-life organization while doing so! Consider supporting her efforts further by following her, liking and sharing her posts, and introducing others to her shop.

Petra and Katherine are modeling the Holly Lux pattern in different color sets in the photos. 

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