But What About Personhood?

Should the unborn be considered "persons" and if so, which rights take precedence - that of the mother or the baby?

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But What About Human Rights?

Previously, we discussed that the abortion debate boils down to a question of, “Who gets rights?” The pro-life side asserts the fundamental right to life for all; the pro-abortion side claims that a woman’s (person’s) right to bodily autonomy is greater than a fetus’s (“non-person’s”) right to life. We noted that the issue of personhood must first be decided and demonstrated that the pre-born human is just as deserving of personhood as humans who have already been born. This now leads us to our second question, whose rights take precedence? If we acknowledge that both the unborn and born are persons, and I have argued that we should, then we must acknowledge that both of them have intrinsic human rights by nature of their existence. What are these human rights? Many throughout the course of history have acknowledged and discussed what these human rights are and should be. While the idea that there is a right and wrong way for humans to act and treat other humans goes back as far as ancient times,…

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