Court Approves Tennessee Abortion Ban

On Friday, November 24th, the sixth circuit court of appeals ruled that Tennessee could enforce its “reasons ban” on abortions for Down syndrome, race, and gender. The contentious reasons ban was signed into law by Governor Bill Lee earlier this year, but immediately blocked by the U.S. District Judge, William Campbell. The law would ban abortions on the basis of race, gender, or defect (such as Down syndrome). Judge Campbell, a Trump appointee, accused the Statehouse of crafting a bill which was without precision. He wrote, “Will the physician be subject to criminal sanction only where the patient explicitly states she seeks an abortion for a prohibited reason, or could the physician be arrested for providing an abortion where the patients file or a referring physician includes a reference to a prohibited reason?” In late November, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed with Judge Campbell and lifted the injunction, allowing Tennessee to enforce its new abortion law. The law may be enforced, but the legal fight is far from over. Abortion rights groups…


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