It’s Our Baby Too

The narrative surrounding men today is laced with a tinge of suspicion. We are viewed as power hungry males who want to continue to control society because we are not given the benefit of the doubt. As a man, it feels like we are constantly misinterpreted as being emotionless rather than understanding that we emote differently than women. Even in child rearing, men are portrayed as people who find children to be bothersome simply because we don’t always want to cuddle or make baby noises as much as our female counterparts. Our value in the household has been reduced to being a check or sperm for future procreation, but I assure you, we offer far more than this. With this being stated, our voices as men when we discuss abortion are quickly disregarded because, as they say, it’s her body and her choice. If we are critical about the practice of it, we are accused of acting like men who enjoy controlling women. This accusation places men as societal rapists who love holding women…

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