The Daily Wire notes a girl came to Moguillansky Hospital after claiming rape in May 2017, she received misoprostol. Dr. Leandro Rodriguez consulted his fellow professionals and concluded the best course of action was to help save the child who was quite far along and weighed 1lb, 2oz.

According to Catholic News Agency, Dr. Rodriguez treated a 19 year old girl who had taken the abortion-inducing drug misoprostol. The girl first went to a hospital in Fernandez Oro before going to Moguilansky Hospital. The doctors at Fernandez Oro claimed in court that they directed the girl to an abortion group known as “La Revuelta” for her unwanted pregnancy. She would then later turn up at Moguillansky Hospital in Cipoletti in pain and needing assistance.

Dr. Rodriguez and his colleagues made the discovery and elected to wait and deliver the baby later through an induction at 35 weeks instead of completing the abortion. Dr. Rodriguez was also in possession of an ultrasound he received from the mother, which provided valuable information on the development of the baby. Dr. Rodriguez, who provided an abortion pill reversal to the 19 year old, noted she was in pain because of the abortion pill and he determined his goal was to attempt to save the mother and the child. These were very difficult circumstances because the drug she ingested is supposed to be taken during earlier stages of a pregnancy.

Argentine Dr. Leandro Rodriguez has been convicted and faces the possibility of losing his medical licence and spending time in jail for up to 2 years because he refused to complete an abortion.

Under Argentine law, women do not have to provide evidence for rape claims when pregnant. Dr. Rodriguez’s successful attempt to save the child, who he discovered was 23 weeks old at the time, was deemed as neglect of his duties as a public official and a delay tactic.

Abortion in Argentina exists for only a few cases such as rape and endangerment of the mother. The laws in Argentina allow for people who object to committing abortions to abstain from partaking. However, the case being made is Dr. Rodriguez was required by law to commit the abortion because he did not register as a “conscientious objector.” In court proceedings, Rodriguez made it clear that he did not want the death of the child to happen on his watch.

It must be noted the mother was on board with the plan at the time and the court case was brought forth by the pro-abortion Representative Martina Milesi.

Dr. Rodriguez hopes to appeal the ruling.

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