Dear Pro-Choice College Students,

Something has been bothering me for a while. As the president of my college’s pro-life group, I encounter many of you. While I disagree with your position on abortion, we have often had wonderful conversations. Due to your willingness to dialogue about this issue, some of you are now a part of the pro-life movement, having seen the error of the pro-choice view. But, there is a faction of pro-choice students I have encountered who are radical bullies, and it is these who frustrate me more than anything else.

Both I and the group’s vice president are women. Most of our members are women. Ironically, the pro-choice group who claims to be “pro-women” are more vicious towards me and the other women than anyone else I have ever encountered. You tell me I “have internalized misogyny” (what?) and “I hope you get raped.” You wish death and harm to me and my family. And for what? Because I have a different political position than you? Because I dare break the status quo? Because my worth as a woman depends on my adherence to prescribed social political views?

When we write “all lives have purpose and worth” on the campus  sidewalk in chalk, you feel compelled to write over it. When we put up posters advertising for events, you tear them down. When we try and advocate for more options for women, so they can make an informed choice regarding their pregnancy, you shut us down, bully, and gaslight us. When we set up resource centers where pregnant students can go to get resources so they can stay in school, which you claim to want, you deem them fake clinics, and spread lies.

When we set up a respectful display on campus to respectfully engage with students, you yell and scream. Instead of listening to what we have to say, you cowardly flip us off on your way to class.

Maybe it is easier for you this way. You simply dismiss our ideas because you cannot present a coherent argument showing us we are wrong. You don’t take the time to meet us or talk to us by assuming our views are invalid and hateful.  When you silence us, we will speak louder. When you tear down our posters, we will put up more. Despite your opposition, we will continue to speak the truth.

You can judge a movement by the fruit it produces. We, the pro-life generation, will not stoop to your level. We will let you speak. We will always be respectful and gracious. While you put your efforts into shutting us down, we will work to support women. To give them actual resources. To pass legislation. To change hearts and minds. To fearlessly speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We will never do to you what you do to us.

It is up to you. As an American, I support your right to have a pro-abortion club. You can have your own opinions. I will welcome any dialogue.

Only a coward would want to silence their opposition. Every time you try and shut us down, you send a clear message to the world. You are afraid because you know your house of cards is falling. You fear truth because the abortion lobby has fed you lies for so long you can no longer distinguish the difference. Your screams are the sound of a dying movement. You have the money on your side. The media. The culture. And yet, it is not enough. Maybe I am an eternal optimist, but I believe truth will win in the end. In the future, history will remember your actions. When our grandchildren ask us how we permitted abortion for so long, I will confidently look into their eyes and tell them I fought. Even when it was hard. Even when I was afraid.

The ball is in your court. I challenge you, pro-choicers, to keep an open mind. Listen to ideas even if you disagree with them. Even if they make you uncomfortable. You may be surprised what you find. Life is a pretty great thing. So is empathy. We could use a little more of both.


The Pro Life Generation

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Maggie Sayers is a college student dedicated to protecting babies and helping women on campus while studying political science and communications.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.