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Dear Michelle Wolf,

I opened Twitter this week, expecting to see the usual doom and gloom and behold, you topped all of it. There was no escaping the trending #SaluteToAbortion, despite all of the other more important headlines. And as much as I tried to suppress my curiosity, I eventually caved and watched your 5 minute segment on why women should get an abortion. Needless to say, I have a few words for you.

You are not pro-choice. You are pro-abortion. If you were truly pro-choice, you would not be endorsing abortion. You would not be literally encouraging women to endure this harmful procedure.

Contrary to many pro-choice individuals, you obviously do not believe abortion is in any way an unfortunate or last-resort situation. In fact, you think it should be saluted, championed, and celebrated. You do not even try hiding your adoration for abortion. It is a sacrament to you. It is empowering.

From a pro-life standpoint, this is, of course, disgusting. However, imagine the feelings of those who have been hurt by abortion listening to you trivialize their most traumatic, painful experience and compare it to a McDonald’s dollar menu item. I assume you did not think of them, only the laughs you would garner from those as insensitive as you.

I know you are busy belittling women and creating harmful “comedy,” but, if only for a minute, I ask you to step out of your bubble and genuinely reflect on what you are saying.

Regardless of whether we are pro-choice or pro-life, we must be aware abortion is not a fun little event every woman should experience. It is not something women should have on their bucket lists in order to embrace their power to “control life” as you say. It is disgraceful and disrespectful of you to treat it as such. By the way, we as women cannot and do not control life. We cannot bestow upon ourselves the false authority to dictate whether a life continues or ends.

Before, the pro-choice crowd made a point of stating they were not pro-abortion. They recognized abortion is unwanted. They said, “safe, legal, rare,” knowing it is not something which should be celebrated and had haphazardly. They recognized the effects it can have on women, mentally, emotionally, and physically. They understood “back alleys,” “coat hangers,” and “stairs” were a very painful reality for some women and not some flippant punchline.

You are proof the shift from “safe, legal, rare” to “abortion on demand” and “shout your abortion” is rooted in an immoral, inhumane, destructive love for abortion. Tell me again which side is anti-woman?

You use your platform to spew the rally cry of the pro-abort movement, gathering together others who have the same seared conscience as you. Creating this false narrative unless you get an abortion, you are not woman enough. Unless you are the 1 in 4, you are essentially doing womanhood wrong.

One final note: I say shame on you wrapping your pro-abortion agenda in the very flag that has been the lifeline for millions. How dare you shout “God bless abortion! And God bless America!”  in the same breath. America has always been the lighthouse for those in search of a better life, and your continual attempts at marring that light with the pro-abortion agenda is nothing but anti-human. Perpetuating the idea of discarding those not wanted makes us no different than any other country and nothing short of barbaric. What hope do we offer then?

Michelle, you will most likely never see this. Regardless, I still felt it necessary to call out your hypocrisy. You are not pro-woman, and you are not pro-choice. You are only pro-Michelle and pro-abortion.


Righteous Indignation

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.


Catholic Conservative. Journalism and political science student at Tennessee Tech. Contributor for Human Defense Initiative and Future Female Leaders. PragerU student ambassador.


Politics junkie with an intense passion for protecting the most vulnerable. Dog mom. SF Giants fanatic. Living my best life, one taco at a time.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.