Alfie Evans' Family To Launch Anti-Euthanasia Foundation In His Honor

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By Skyler Lee

Five months after Alfie Evans’ passing, his family has officially announced plans to create an anti-euthanasia foundation in their late son’s honor.

Alfie Evans, the son of Tom Evans and Kate James, died of a degenerative brain disease after a drawn-out legal battle to stop Alder Hey Children’s Hospital from removing him from life support.

His family fought for Alfie’s life in the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, and European Court of Human Rights but the hospital eventually won the battle claiming that keeping Alfie on life support was not in the child’s “best interest.”

Despite the family’s wishes, pleas from outside entities to release Alfie into their care for treatment, and hundreds of protestors, Alder Hey discontinued life support on April 23rd, 2018. Alfie lived for over 100 hours before passing away. He was just under two years old. Alfie’s story has touched millions around the globe.

Five months later, as his father accepted an award for the “Defense of Human Life” in Rome, he announced plans to set up a foundation in Alfie’s honor.

“Soon we would like to open a foundation to honor his name. This will also be possible thanks to Steadfast with the aim to continue to fight against euthanasia.”

Steadfast is an organization which supported Alfie’s parents in their fight to save their son, even helping facilitate a meeting with the Pope who offered to treat Alfie at the Vatican.

Alfie’s father continued, “We will no longer allow what has happened to us to happen to others. We will help families who will fight for their loved ones.”
He asked everyone “not stop fighting for the value of life. In memory of Alfie and in memory of all those who every day before and after him will face those who believe that death is the only ‘best interest.’ Alfie has shown everyone that is not the case.”

Evans also informed the crowd his wife gave birth to their second son in August, Thomas James, who they debuted last month on This Morning.

“We will always have two children, forever. We love you, Alfie. We do,” Evans said.

In addition to setting up a foundation, Alfie’s family also has plans to present a bill to the British Parliament in an effort to change the laws which prevented them from seeking the best and possibly life-saving care for their son.

Evans has also announced these plans on the official Alfie’s Army Twitter account.

Alfie Evans' Family To Launch Anti-Euthanasia Foundation In His Honor
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