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The Human Defense Initiative was founded in May of 2018 by Devin Sena, a 19 year old life advocate living in St. Augustine, Florida and is the first millenial-led pro-life news publication and digital advocacy platform.

We launched our website on May 16, 2018 and publish national, international and commentary news regarding pro-life topics including abortion, adoption, euthanasia, and physician assisted suicide. We were founded to create a digital movement which allows like-minded people to connect and help spread the pro-life message and our website is a platform which allows them to do just that.

Since launch we have formed a dedicated team of over 150 passionate life advocates working relentlessly to deliver relevant news, inspiring commentary, and powerful digital outreach. Each of our contributors help spread the pro-life message through journalism, graphic design, editing, videos, or social media. We are also working to increase our fundraising and beginning to send our members to events to further our outreach. We have even had people tell us they converted from pro-abortion to pro-life thanks to our work!


We are more than just a news organization while we are a pro-life news publication we also are working on expanding our outreach. Expecting mothers can call or text the following number if they need counseling or assistance: 628-777-3864.

We also just completed our first diaper drive fundraiser and plan to host another baby item fundraiser soon for a woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and reached out for support.

To learn more about what we do feel free to check out our one year recap video:


Since we are a completely digital based organization, members from all over the world are able to join our team and collaborate together remotely. As an online-based organization we are “always open,” allowing our members to join our group, help create content, and contribute at their own pace. We understand a lot of our members attend school, work, or have children so our platform allows them to contribute in their off time when homework is completed, they are off the clock or the kids are asleep! Plus by being a part of the Human Defense Initiative team you can contribute to the pro-life movement without even having to leave your house!


If you are interested in joining our writing, editing, graphic design, social media teams or helping share our content, you can join by expressing interest via direct message on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages (our usernames for all of which are @humandefenseini), emailing [email protected], texting our line at 628-777-3864!


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One of our wonderful leaders will answer your email, text, DM soon! They will ask for your email and invite you to our workplace group chat and assign you to the appropriate teams. We are a pretty active group and while we get a lot of work accomplished our chat is also a place where we can discuss pro-life issues, request prayer and otherwise connect!


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 628-777-3864


Devin Sena
Skyler Lee
Executive Director
Nick Bell
Communications Director
Petra Wallenmeyer
Content Director


AJ Schalk
Alec Brown
Alexander Garza
Alexander Johnson
Alexis Peters
Alyx Robbins
Ana Julien
Andrew Haack
Austin Hayek
Austin Hurston
Autumn Klein
Benjamin Johnson
Brandi McCanna
Brian Smith
Brittany Hughes
Caitie Crowley
Charlotte Helene Fien
Chloe Kilano
Christina Jackson
Cliff Andrews
Derek Smith
Devanie Coombs
Devin Sena
Elijah Aldrich
Ella McRoberts
Eric Cox
Erin Jobes
Ethan Lucky
Gabrielle Temaat
George Brahm
Grace Sommerville
Isaiah Brickus
Jacob Fader
Jael Ridley
James Washington
Jamie Forbes
JC Beichner
Jennifer Schoewe
Jillian Bliss
Jonathan Van Maren
Joseph Buerkle
Katherine Mayne Wheeler
Katie Anderson
Kelsey Kurtinitis
Kelvey Vander Hart
Kevin Albin
Kevin Sheehan
Kitty Porterfield
Koree Fellows
Kristin Matysek
Landon Jones
Lexie Bess
Limbi Banda
Lisa Duvall
Logan Hall
Lois McKiernan
Lou Scataglia
Mark Jennings
Matthew Keller
Melvin Soto Vazquez
Michael Canup
Michael Taylor
Mike Jackson
Nathan Apodaca
Nathan Sheeley
Nick Bell
Nikki Davis Woodcock
Paige Rogers
Pat Thomas
Paul Collier
Petra Wallenmeyer
Reagan Colbert
Rebecca Lemke
Rebekah Dyer
Riley Rose
Sadie-Megin Daniels
Sam Dorman
Samantha Gallo
Sarah Mouradian
Scott Neumann
Sean Gallagher
Selene Cerankosky
Skyler Lee
Sonni Motton
Sophia Schwarz
Stefanie Nicholas
Stephanie Palmer
Taylor Hunt
Tim Utekal

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