About Us


The Human Defense Initiative team is comprised of over 150 passionate life advocates working relentlessly to deliver relevant news, inspiring commentary, and powerful digital outreach.


The Human Defense Initiative was founded in May of 2018 by Devin Sena, a 19 year old life advocate living in St Augustine, Florida.

The Human Defense Initiative's mission is to offer an engaging platform that empowers individuals to be a voice for those without one.


Devin Sena
Derek Smith
Vice President
Koree Ramirez Fellows
Communications Director
Skyler Lee
Content Director


Alexander Garza
Alexander Johnson
Andrew Haack
Caitie Crowley
Erin Jobes
Gabrielle Temaat
Grace Sommerville
Isaiah Brickus
Jael Ridley
James Washington
Joseph Buerkle
Kelsey Kurtinitis
Kelvey Vander Hart
Kitty Poterfield
Koree Fellows
Limbi Banda
Lexie Bess
Logan Hall
Lois McKiernan
Michael Canup
Nathan Apodaca
Nick Bell
Pat Thomas
Petra Wallenmeyer
Reagan Colbert
Riley Rose
Sadie-Megin Daniels
Samantha Franks
Scott Neumann
Sean Gallagher
Stefanie Nicholas
Taylor Hunt
Tim Utekal

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