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Who We Are

Human Defense Initiative is a digital-based pro-life news publication and advocacy platform. Our mission is to save lives as well as change minds and hearts through spreading the truth about abortion and offering life-affirming support.

Since launch on May 16, 2018, we have formed a dedicated team of over 120 passionate life advocates working relentlessly to deliver relevant news, inspiring commentary, and powerful digital outreach. Each of our contributors helps spread the pro-life message through journalism, graphic design, editing, videos, and/or social media.

However, we are more than a news organization! We also operate a helpline at 682-777-9557 to assist pregnant women, new mothers, and families facing hardship, because we don’t believe a mother should ever have to consider abortion. We not only provide support, a friend, and someone who will listen and help guide them on their journey, but we also help ensure our clients are always informed of all of their resources and have the basic necessities to provide for their children. We do this through hosting online registries and also by connecting our clients to other resources in their community. 

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