When advocating for human rights today, prominent issues include immigration, war, and racial discrimination. The media constantly speaks out against these injustices but dismisses the most pressing issue of all: abortion.

Abortion must not be overlooked. It is not merely one human rights issue among many — it is the most important human rights issue of our time. Innocent babies are being denied their human rights before they have a fighting chance to defend them. Every year, nearly one million babies are killed in abortions in the United States alone. These numbers are alarming and these lives are just as important as those of people in other oppressing situations. The Archbishop of Kansas City, Joseph Naumann, spoke at the National Diocesan Pro-Life Leadership Conference this summer praising the pro-life advocates who fight for the “most important human rights issue of our time.

We cannot defend human rights for others yet deny human rights for preborn babies. The lives of these babies are just as important as the lives of immigrants or minorities. But not only do pro-lifers fight for the babies, we also fight for their mothers. Naumann says the pro-life movement is “a movement of great opportunity as well as a movement of great peril for our culture and society.” This movement brings an opportunity for change.

The Catholic Church has been one of the strongest forces when it comes to fighting for human rights. They fight against abortion, euthanasia, and other life-destroying injustices. Archbishop Naumann has been a strong pro-life voice in the Church and previously condemned Catholic pro-choice politicians. He thanked pro-life leaders for coming together to fight abortion in a time when the Church has been “wounded” by other scandals and encouraged pro-lifers to never give up the fight against the abortion advocacy movement.

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