Americans are deeply divided on many issues. Indeed, with the modern political climate, it is difficulty to find any consensus whatsoever. It may surprise you, then, that the majority of Americans actually agree on one very controversial topic: the morality of abortion.

According to a recent study conducted by LifeWay Research, 52% of American adults agree “abortion is a sin.” While this is a majority only by a small margin, it is growing. The same study conducted in 2016 pegged the figure at 49%.

Commenting on these finding, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Albert Mohler notes the following:

“These survey results may surprise some people, but pro-life beliefs have definitely been gaining ground in recent years. Pastors and local churches have played a big part in this by teaching about the sanctity of human life. Ultrasound images plainly show the humanity of the child in the womb, and they are provoking the consciences of Americans. Christians are playing a lead role in providing counsel and practical care for those in need.”

Regarding the potential impact this may have to Roe v. Wade, Mohler adds, “With a majority agreeing that abortion is a sin, we have a clear indication that many Americans want the state to restore protection to the unborn child.” And according to another study, his assessment appears correct.

A Marist Poll published earlier this year further validates this claim. According to the poll, 51% of Americans identity as “pro-choice.” However, 76% want significant restrictions placed on abortion. Only 12% believe abortion should be available at any time during pregnancy.

To put it another way, while the majority of American adults identity as “pro-choice,” the majority also say abortion itself is immoral, and the vast majority believe it should be strictly limited by law.

So, when Democrats claim “the majority of Americans” believe “every woman” should have access to abortion, this should be taken with a grain of salt — it is more a reflection of clever marketing than the actual beliefs of most Americans.

Perhaps America is less divided on the issue of abortion than the media tends to purport, and less pro-abortion than the Democratic Party would have you believe.

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