By Koree Fellows

Abortion is not new. We can trace the procedure back through societies, cultures, and civilizations. AristotleSocrates, and Hippocrates have all been quoted discussing abortion.

However, the modern feminist influence pushing social acceptance on this barbaric practice is a current phenomenon and, with that push, comes a rise in female-targeted violence and abuse.

In 1973, abortion progressed into legalization on the crest of a new wave of feminism which sought to break down traditional gender roles, family values, and push women into the workplace.

This was seemingly ”the time for women” — a time of liberation and sexual freedom. The reality, however, was quite to the contrary. In 1970 the amount of forcible, reported rapes was 37,990 and by 1980 had skyrocketed to 82,990.

Not long after abortion was legalized, sexual predators came to realize they could use abortion to cover up their crimes, as shown in the case of Jimmy Savile, a British DJ and serial rapist.

Savile began his long string of assaults in the 1940s, sometimes targeting victims as young as nine years of age, with most of his transgressions taking place after abortion was made legal. Predators like Jimmy used abortion to cover up their crimes and continued to abuse women for years.

Not only was the procedure allowing predators a get-out-of-jail-free card, the organizations promoting abortion and offering it as a service were ignoring signs of abuse and refusing to report suspicious behavior.

In 2015, the Alliance Defending Freedom released a report documenting several abortion clinics in multiple states failing to report the sexual molestation and abuse of minors to the proper authorities.

The report noted cases going back to the very beginning when abortion became legal in those states, some victims being as young as 12 years old. Since the release of this report, several pro-life organizations have done many investigations of various depth into abortion clinics and have found evidence of rape, molestation, and abuse cover-ups. These investigations reveal the true nature of the abortion industry — how it preys on women and hurts them both physically and emotionally.

According to The American Pregnancy Association, many women experience different emotional side-effects after abortions. Based on Planned Parenthood’s website, problems with depression are common and considered “normal” after abortion procedures.

A government-funded study in Finland showed roughly 10% of women experience immediate complications from abortion. Serious complications occur roughly in one out of every 100 first-trimester abortions and one in every 50 late-term abortions. Despite these numbers being high, the abortion industry continuously pushes the lie abortion complications are rare. Their in-clinic counseling and handouts lie to women by not mentioning the severity of possible complications and emotional trauma.

Abortion hurts women and young girls. It preys on their vulnerability and difficult circumstances, and backs them into a corner.

Abortion puts a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, yet it is advertised as being necessary, safe, healthy, and even normal. The time has come to end the false narrative. We have reached a moment in history where we must finally show women being pro-life is also being pro-health and pro-woman

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As a mother to two beautiful children,
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