On November 9 2018, a woman had an abortion for reasons only known to her. She probably didn’t even think about how she almost lost her life that day. To her dismay, the woman began to bleed uncontrollably through her clothes after the procedure, and the clinic that operated on her could not be bothered to call emergency services since they were closing up for the day— so she had to call herself. The call can be heard here.

Preterm is the only abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio and is known for high crimelow income, and a large black population — a  gold mine for the abortion business. The goal of Preterm, according to their website, is that “every patient leaves here feeling empowered and affirmed.” — not the utmost care, not quality service, not safe and affordable medical treatment.

They want women to feel empowered for killing their preborn children, and they want to women to leave with affirmation that they did the right thing by telling them it’s a basic right. Not only do they not care about the true empowerment of women, they don’t even care if they die. Ask the family of Lakisha Wilson. She was a beautiful young girl whose life was cut short due to the irresponsibility and lack of urgency from Preterm.

This abortion provider has a history of leaving women seriously injured or dead from botched abortions. According to CheckMyClinic.org, there have been 6 instances of shady practices from Preterm which raise major concern. The PDFs provided show other clinics who regularly perform incomplete abortions that have to be finished several days later. It’s worth taking a look since one abortion provider claims: “Care. No Matter What.”

Preterm isn’t the only clinic with a host of bleeding girls being ignored either. Planned Parenthood in Chicago has a lengthy and more recent history of botched abortions that claimed the life of another young black girl, Tonya Reaves.

These abortion clinics in neighborhoods of minority communities are not an accident. Black women have more abortions than any other ethnic group in America. Abortion is targeting and affecting the black community the most.

These clinics claim to care about women’s rights and healthcare, but in reality these abortion procedures desensitize the workers who kill humans in the womb and then show the same level of treatment to grown women.

The preborn and childbearing women are equal in the eyes of God and the Constitution. If you do not care for the preborn, how can you care for women? The clinic workers in these circumstances show no empathy and are borderline sociopathic when it comes to the treatment of these women.

Sondra "Sonni" is a pro-life Christian conserative who loves gaming, geek culture, makeup, and defending the preborn.

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