Is it possible Unplanned the movie is the film pro-life America has been waiting for? Better yet, praying for? In just two short weeks since its nationwide release Unplanned has grossed over $15.7 million dollars earning twice its production cost and becoming the #4 film in the nation, despite an incredible effort from the vast pro-abortion liberal media to stifle, ignore and bury its release.

Yet the real miracle at hand, is not how much money the movie has made but how many lives it has changed. Testifying to Senators on Capitol Hill this past week, Unplanned filmmaker, Chuck Konzelman reported that not only is the movie a powerful testament to the sanctity of life as reflected back by the reaction of their audiences but more over dozens of abortion workers were reaching out to the filmmakers and the story’s real life author, and former Planned Parenthood Clinical Director, Abby Johnson, for help in leaving the abortion industry for good.

On Wednesday, March 19, 2019, Konzelman and his Co-Writer/Director, Cary Solomon were called to testify under oath at a Congressional Committee Hearing on censorship and the influence of big tech.

Solomon and Konzelman stated as a result of their movie, Unplanned, they had been contacted through Abby Johnson’s organization, And Then There Were None, by 94 abortion workers to date requesting assistance in leaving their profession. And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is a ministry which serves to help transition workers out of the abortion industry by providing them with financial, practical and emotional support.

Konzelman went on to say they hope the numbers continue to increase,“On the order of 1% of the abortion workers in the United States, after getting one look at them being portrayed on film, and it serves I think also as some evidence that they are not being portrayed as monsters, have decided to change their lives and the profession of what they do for a living.”

Like no other movie in history, Unplanned in just 14 short days is re-opening the discourse in the abortion debate and creating new common ground which is giving abortion workers a non-judgmental space to reflect and reassess their own choice to be involved in an industry that takes more than 638,000 human lives annually under the guise of healthcare.

Medical professionals have also attested to the medical accuracy of the film proving the media can say the film is biased but in fact it accurately depicts the atrocities occurring at Planned Parenthood.

During his testimony to the Congressional Committee chaired by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Konzelman quoted Michael Farris, President and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom who reportedly said of the movie, “I believe this is the cultural event that could overturn Roe.”

It is no wonder the movie makers faced unprecedented bias in seeking media platforms to advertise the movie prior to its release. Cable giants such as Lifetime, Hallmark and USA, just to name a few, refused to sell them advertising airtime. Facebook fortunately played fair and their presence exploded. Fox News and the Christian Broadcasting Network ran their ads and also helped create great pre-release enthusiasm despite the R-rating the movie received from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The filmmakers have reportedly filed formal complaints to the FCC on the grounds of bias and censorship.

Unplanned, also a book by the same name written by Abby Johnson, is the true life story of how Johnson left Planned Parenthood after eight years of employment and became a pro-life advocate, essentially blowing the whistle on the organization whose main focus is clearly abortion for profit.

Ashley Bratcher, who portrays Johnson in the movie, said at the film’s premiere in Hollywood, “I believe this is a divine appointment, the time is now.”

Marc Thiessen, reviewing the movie for the Washington Postsaid of Unplanned, “Ultimately, the movie is a testament to the power of prayer. Abby’s family prays for her to leave Planned Parenthood, but they never reject her. They know she is a good person who does not yet understand the evil of abortion. There are millions like her. The film’s goal is to reach them by showing us the humanity of the unborn child. This is why abortion supporters don’t want to you to see Unplanned. See it anyway.”

To buy tickets visit the Unplanned movie website here.

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J. C. Beichner is a post-abortive mother, pro-every life advocate and author of the award-winning book, Grace in Progress: Prayers for the Beautifully Broken.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.