All around the world, music is used by people who wish to express themselves culturally and emotionally. There is a song for just about everything, and abortion is no exception. The music below reveals the horror of abortion through various perspectives from that of the preborn baby, to grieving parents who are regretting their abortion.

Miracle – Whitney Houston

“Thought I was lookin’ out for myself, now it seems the pain is all that I have gained.”

Whitney sings about the pain abortion brings about, and how “nothing should matter, not when love grows inside you.” Nothing can replace love.

Autobiography – Nicki Minaj

“To conceive you, then leave you, the concept alone seems evil. I’m trapped in my conscience. I adhered to the nonsense, listened to people who told me I wasn’t ready for you. But how the – would they know what I was ready to do? And of course it wasn’t your fault (no). It’s like I feel you the air, I hear you saying ‘Mommy don’t cry, can’t you see I’m right here?’ (yes). I gotta let you know what you mean to me, when I’m sleeping, I see you in my dreams with me. Wish I could touch your little face, or just hold your little hand/ If it’s part of God’s plan maybe we can meet again.

Nicki sings of how she gave into the pressure she received from others who told her abortion was the best option. She explains how the experience haunts her conscience, asks her baby for forgiveness by saying “baby please forgive me, mommy was young” and expresses she regrets lost motherhood.

Happy Birthday – Flipsyde ft. Piper

“Happy Birthday, I love you, whoever you would have been.”

Flipsyde wishes his aborted child a happy birthday while pondering who his son would have became.

A Baby’s Prayer – Kathy Troccoli

“Forgive her Lord, she doesn’t know that You gave life to me.”

A preborn baby is talking to God about how he/she is speculating that his/her mother is going to have an abortion. He/she asks Jesus to comfort his/her mother and forgive her.

Let’s Get Out of Here – Blessid Union of Souls

“Can’t we just talk it over? Why does it have to end this way? It just seems I should have a say.”

This song tells the story of a preborn child interacting with his/her mother and trying to convince her to leave the abortion clinic.

Blue Eyes Like Janey’s – David Huff

“There’s been millions of innocent babies like ours that have already died.”

A post-abortive father reflects on the abortion he and his girlfriend had when they were teenagers and expresses his regret for the decision he made.

Beautiful Life – Trip Lee ft. V. Rose

“Beautiful life inside, living, moving, breathing.”

Trip Lee talks to parents considering abortion and attempts to help them recognize the blessing in disguise that is their precious baby.

Silent Cry – Robert Pierre

“Stand up, it’s time, listen to their silent cry.”

Robert Pierre sings about the “innocent lives [that] are broken right here everyday”, and how we must stand up for them.


Sad songs trigger emotion in many of us, but songs such as these reveal the pain brought about by abortion in addition to touching our hearts. They help us recognize abortion not only takes a life, but it damages others for years to come. Post-abortive parents may seek comfort in this music and be able to relate to the lyrics.

If you are a post-abortive parent and are seeking help, contact Human Defense Initiative on social media here, or call Support After Abortion at 844-289-HOPE. You are not alone.

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