HDI Launches 2nd Annual Christmas Extravaganza for Family in Need

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By Skyler Lee

Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce we have officially launched our Second Annual Christmas Extravaganza!

Each year we choose one family to help with Christmas and for 2020 we have picked the Copeland family.

The Copeland family has experienced the tragic loss of their father earlier this year when he was killed in a devastating car accident.

Prior to the accident their mother was a stay at home mom (to a girl age 12, and 2 boys ages 10 and 15) and she’s now struggling to find work amid the pandemic. She’s barely able to make ends meet and struggling with the thought of not being able to provide any Christmas for her children.

This holiday season will already be hard enough for the family as they mourn the loss of their father and we couldn’t imagine the children waking up without presents on Christmas day.

We have included bedroom sets and shoes for each child as well as other items they like! We’ve also included a new set of sheets and towels as well as a bath gift set and devotional for their mother.

Join us in supporting the Copeland family and spreading the Christmas cheer! With your help, we can make this family’s Christmas dreams come true!

Once purchased, all gifts will ship directly to the family! PM us with any questions about the ordering process!


HDI Launches 2nd Annual Christmas Extravaganza for Family in Need
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