Issues of Life This Election Day

California Proposition 1 California Proposition 1 is a proposed amendment to the state’s Constitution. It includes both the right to abortion and the right to birth control in the amendment. In a surprisingly honest NPR article, the author noted that the “proposed constitutional amendment doesn't address the issue of timing, raising the possibility that abortions would be permitted at any point in pregnancy — and, critics contend, permitted for any reason.” An amendment to the state constitution means that even if the state legislature's composition changes, no laws banning abortions could pass because the right to abortion exists constitutionally. Courts could clarify the right after the amendment is incorporated into the Constitution, but no legislative changes could be made to alter it.  A free-for-all constitutional right to abortion is not the type of abortion access most Americans are okay with. Most Americans drop their support of abortion the further along the pregnancy; abortion in the third trimester is supported only by a minority of Americans. Polling in CA showed that only 13% of Californians…

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