Stepping Up: A Pro-life Story

Redemptive suffering, what a concept so foreign to our culture. Our culture's response to suffering is to get rid of it by whatever means possible. Our culture says that even killing and death is better than suffering. How can that be though? When life is full of opportunity? What opportunity does death offer? An end to suffering? We don’t know that.  Choosing to select death also eliminates the possibility of miracles. They happen every day. How do you know for sure that your suffering won’t be cured or at least improved or at least that something good can come from it? Abortion, euthanasia, and many other moral issues of our day and time do not take into account redemptive suffering. That is that even through difficulty there is hope and that even through difficulty God can bring good out of it. Every single human being has innate dignity because they are made in the image and likeness of God. Despite your circumstances, your life and the life of others is worth fighting for. Have…

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