In the devout Catholic country of Croatia, the third annual pro-life rally took place in three separate cities on Saturday.

Police in the capital of Zagreb estimate 20,000 people participated in the March for Life, which completed without incident. In the city of Split, archbishop Marin Barisic called on the marchers to “defend life from conception” during mass, per AFP news.

The only place where conflict sprouted was in Rijeka, where an anti-conservatism group held a “March for Freedom” with the intent to disrupt the pro-life march.

Croatia’s march is crucial as the lawmakers mull over new legislation which could push the line where abortion is legal (currently before 10 weeks) in either direction. Last year, a high court ruled the law was legal, but needed reshaping by early next year.

Pray for Croatia as you continue praying for Ireland, America, and elsewhere.

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